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The evolution of 
historic landmark

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Originally designed in the spring of 1903, the J. W. McLean House was an architectural vision of three brick terraced homes with exceptional decorative qualities constructed for Boise councilman James W. McLean. A flat roof-line with a symmetrical facade and decorative brick-work at the cornice and each entryway. The window sills and lintels were of stone, and added to the decorative qualities of the handsome structure. With exceptional views from each of the three residences, the J.W McLean House provides a unique perspective on the ways in which history and contemporary life blend together in Downtown Boise.


The crowns of historic and landmark buildings such as the Idaho State Capital, City Hall, and the Cathedral of St. John's harmoniously exist alongside modern high-rises just blocks from the newly named seventh&franklin. Offering the rare privilege of preserving a piece of Boise history through materials, design and craftsmanship while elevating the desires of modern lifestyles. Seventh&franklin is a building that bridges past and present and balances the need for retreat with the passion to be at the center of the many shopping, dining, and entertaining destinations found throughout this vibrant neighborhood.

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the first of it's kind in Downtown Boise



Designed by award-winning firm Pivot North Architects, seventh&franklin blends historical charm with modern architecture and endless luxury amenities in an ideal downtown location just along the cusp of Boise's North End District. Intimacy is a theme with just three residences and the ultimate vision of privacy. The carefully composed facades exhibit a richness of depth, shadow, and texture complimentary to the historic charm of while the interiors display exquisite visions of modern amenities. Each residence is crowned by a rooftop terrace that dramatically showcases 360-degree views of the city featuring the Idaho State Capital, Downtown Boise, and the rolling foothills.


Beyond the doorstep at seventh&franklin, the winding streets effortlessly lead to the vibrant heartbeat of downtown Boise. Indulge in a bustling food and entertainment scene, discover a multitude of green space and parks along the Boise River waterfront, or discover the world-class biking and running paths just blocks away. Immerse yourself in an array of venues for summer concerts and an abundance of outdoor opportunities.

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limited availability for exceptional living

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